The Assembly Helps Ministry

God created each one of us to fill a special role in our local church. Each person’s role is unique. Our role often is paired with another person’s  to function properly and bless the body of believers and our community. We believe there is a place for everyone in ministry, no matter what your gifts are. Our goal is to help you find that place. Our hope is that you will live a life filled with purpose, centered on becoming the person God created you to be. You have a destiny – a role you were born to play!

There are many areas of opportunity where you can become involved.  First, we encourage you to take a Spiritual Gift Analysis to determine your gifts. After receiving your results, we can help direct you to to the opportunities that best fit your strengths. Everyone is important and every opportunity is a chance to operate in the gifts God has placed in your life. There are no small tasks in God’s Kingdom and no small roles to play.

You are the missing piece we need to complete this great work of art known as The Assembly, West Monroe.  We look forward to partnering with you. Together we will become one of God’s houses of influence in Monroe,  West Monroe and the Delta region.

For more information on how to get involved, please email Christopher Miller, .

The Armor Bearer Ministry is for men and women who feel a call to serve the Pastoral Staff of The Assembly. This group of people is indispensable to those whom they serve. Applicants must pass a screening process before working as an Armor Bearer.

C.A.R.E. means comforting, assisting, restoring, equipping. Ministering at the altar is an exciting time. When an individual comes to the altar or expresses an interest or need by responding to the invitation, he/she comes to be changed or find an answer to needs. C.A.R.E. Counselors are available to pray with people at each altar call.

The Creative Ministry Team develops the backdrops for illustrated sermons presented periodically throughout the year. This is a great ministry for those with the gift of craftsmanship.

The Decorating Team oversees the decorating for all major events and holidays. From major banquets to the holiday seasons, this team takes care of assembling beautiful decor. If you have an eye for decor, this could be the ministry for you.

The Assembly’s First Responders Ministry is comprised of doctors, nurses and paramedics. If there is a medical emergency during any service, these well-trained men and women are available to assist.
Adults who participate in the Greeter Ministry make sure that everyone who attends The Assembly is welcomed at the door. A warm,  friendly and courteous greeting helps to enhance the worship experience.
Those who serve in the Hospitality Ministry know how to make people feel appreciated. They use their gifts to welcome guests, prepare for fellowships, and serve those who minister each week at The Assembly.
The Housekeeping Ministry is the perfect opportunity for those who enjoy keeping things in order. Prior to the evening service, this group of volunteers removes the debris left in the pews and on the floors.

The people with the smiling faces at the Information Center are some of the most helpful people at The Assembly. Workers greet people, answer questions about activities,  help people find classrooms and help people register for various events.

In every service at The Assembly there are 10 -15 men and women working behind the scenes in the Media Ministry. These volunteers serve as computer operators, camera operators, directors, lighting technicians and sound personnel.
The office of The Assembly is always a busy place. The staff is continually looking for volunteers to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Sign up today if you would like to get involved.
Those who monitor the parking lots are the first people that guests see as they enter the property. The friendly parking lot volunteers help keep order and direct parking as needed. They arrive 30 minutes prior to service times to ensure every one’s safety.
The resource room of The Assembly is the supplies and material center for all activities related to the Christian Education Department. The function of the resource room is to provide all teachers and support staff with the assistance and materials they need to make their jobs easier. The resource room is a great place to meet people and get involved in ministry.
The usher ministry is comprised of men and women who are called to serve during services and functions. These men and women gather prior to service for instruction and prayer. The ushers serve the congregation by helping attendees find open seats, receiving the offering, serving communion, assisting in altar calls and dispelling any disturbances.